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Motors Machineries And Parts

Motors Machineries And Parts are crucial parts of motors and machinery which are used on a large scale in various industries. The products under this category are Foredom Motors, Micro Motors, Steam Machines, Ultra Sonic Cleaners and Rectifier. These products are made using all kinds of hard metals like, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, etc. They also have indicating lights along with voltage meters that update the user about the functioning of the machine as well as the voltage been transferred and consumed by the device. Motors Machineries And Parts are also beneficial in servicing and repairing of the same.

Product Image (200W)

200W Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

Price: 350000.00 - 450000.00 INR/Unit

SR Laser welding systems are now used in many fields to efficiently, economically, and contactlessly make high-quality joints. They result in flawless seams in metal plates, plastic components, jewelry, and even building components. SR laser welding equipment meets all of these demands while

Product Image (100W Desktop Laser Welder)

100W Desktop Laser Welder

100w Desktop laser welder is designed for jewelry and electron industry. It"s widly used for jewelry designing and production, repairing, spot welding, such as gold, silver jewelry, stainless steel, copper, electrons, art wares, and so on.